Delivered By
Dr, R.E. Banks Sr.
Delivered On
June 12, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
Isaiah 6:1 NIV
In the Right Relationship, Msg. 6

When someone is blocking your view at the movies, or a game, you might yell, “Down in front!” Sometimes God must remove people and things out of your way because they are blocking your view of Him. And because He has purpose for you, He will not move you, but instead that which is blocking. God has given you power and the holy ghost unction to declare, ‘down in front’ meaning get out of the way. Let us all — together as the body of Christ — turn away from earthly matters. Declare, ‘down in front’ when we get the urge to curse or steal. Declare, ‘down in front’ when gossip seems juicy or when we want to place blame. Declare, ‘down in front’ when we are tempted to back bite or back stab. Declare, ‘down in front’ when you are tempted to indulge in sinful behavior. When you indulge the temptation, you are blocking your relationship with the Father. Too many people place their trust in earthly kings (sports figures, religious leaders, financial wealth, sex, and drugs). God does not appeal to our senses, but to our faith. Declare, ‘Down in front!’ to remove what is blocking your vision of God; and follow Him.