Delivered By
Dr. R.E. Banks Sr.
Delivered On
November 14, 2021 at 11:00 AM
"How It All Got Started", Msg. 26

When I began working at IBM, I became aware of tailor-made shirts and suits with hand-stitched lapels, perfect cuts, sleeves and pant lengths. I became aware of the perfect fit. I want to preach about the first two people who had tailor-made clothing.

Last week, Adam called the woman by the name of Eve for the first time. This was after her sentencing of God. She was called Woman because she was taken out of man. She was also called Eve, as prophesied by her husband for results of what was to come; and she was called Life or Mother of All Living. There are two thoughts as it relates to its origin: by Moses, as historian of the book of Genesis, and by Adam, by way of prophecy of what was to come. Adam and Eve would not die immediately for their sin. They would be fruitful and multiply because their seed would bring forth the One who would save mankind. Even though Adam and Eve violated God’s command, they received their sentencing from the Lord who still showed love towards them.

God made clothing for Adam and Eve. The clothing was made from the hides of animals because the couple tried to cover themselves with fig leaves, which provided inadequate coverage. God had to slaughter an animal to dress the couple. Clothes now came into effect because of sin. The couple had no need or knowledge of clothing or nakedness prior to sin.

The text doesn’t clearly reveal whether God personally made the clothing or if He had the angels to do so. Perhaps He even gave instructions and a pattern to Adam and Eve to make the clothing. Since the Lord God formed and created man, I believe He didn’t stop in creating the clothing, but He made them with tender loving care. But, when you think about it, we have little reason to be proud of clothes because the need for them comes from sin.

I believe the clothes God made were warm and strong. They were not silk or satin or embroidered. They were not made from the skin of a snake. These coats of skin were large and roomy. They were not to be worn for form or fashion. They were durable and a perfect fit for two fallen children of the king.

When I look at my life, God allowed me to go into the workforce and dress appropriately. But the tailor-made clothes I wore were the emblems of the robe of Christ’s righteousness and the garment of His salvation. Clothes do not make the man (nor the woman) especially if they are Lord and Tailor-made. When we dress ourselves, as we do when we put on the whole armor of God, we must make sure that our hearts are clean and pure, our spirits are filled with the love of God, and our will is to walk with Him in obedience.