Delivered By
Dr. R.E. Banks Sr.
Delivered On
August 15, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
Genesis 3:4-5  
"How It All God Started", Msg. 14

I believe that honesty is the best policy. It amazes me that people find it easier to falsify matters than to be truthful. What is a half-truth? What does it mean? The dictionary says a half-truth is a deceptive statement that includes some element of truth. It's meant to deceive and evade. And, it has purpose. It's to make something that may only be a belief appear to be knowledge. According to the true belief theory, one must not only believe in the relevant true position but must also have a true reason for doing so.

Let me preach about one who knowingly tells a half truth. In the Garden, the woman (we later know her to be Eve) was speaking to the tempter, who was in the body of a serpent. The woman is not fearful to whom she was talking, nor did she know the serpent was evil. One of the gifts of the spirit is discernment. We must not waver in our faith in God. Wavering faith and wavering responses, give the devil great advantage in your life.

If you shut down the devil; cut off conversation, he will flee… though it might be only for a season. You can’t deal with the devil if you don’t have God’s Word. The devil observed that the woman had begun to doubt whether she could eat the fruit and suffer punishment from God. The devil began to contradict God. He told the woman that she would not die if she ate from the tree. He encouraged that she had nothing to fear. Satan had interrogated the woman earlier with a series of questions about what God had instructed.

The tempter was on a roll. He told the woman that if she ate the fruit of the tree that her eyes would be opened and that she would be filled with knowledge and understanding. Indeed, she would not die. Satan told her that she would be like God. A change is going to come for the better. What an absurd half-truth. God gives us exactly what we need in His own time. He will satisfy our needs, not our wants, according to His riches in glory. When we get out in front of Him and desire more than we can handle, we may have to learn a hard lesson.

If there was ever a prototype conversation to tempt one to sin, this one is ideal. The tempter began with a conversation about the tree of good and evil. Then he subtly asked if God’s command was fair. He called God a liar! I thank God for the scripture Numbers 23:19 which says that God is not a man that He should lie or the son of man that He should repent. When it comes to sin there is always a question of God’s character. Should we really believe what God says? After all, he gave us volition. But one key aspect of Satan’s strategy is that he never fully lies because he majors in half-truths regarding God’s intentions and restrictions.

Half truths come from lying lips, a deceitful mouth, learned behavior. But in John 8:32, Jesus says, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” This is the beginning of healing and delivery.

We know how the story ends, yet the first family learned the painful way. They learned it in a painful way. Some of us may be listening to half-truths, but we’ve got to put our trust in God.