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Welcome to the OPEN DOOR CHURCH MINISTRIES website.
We are non-denominational, Christ-centered and believe in the power of salvation. Our outreach ministries speak to the needs of those who desire to serve others as well as address the needs of those who seek assistance. We offer much. Take time to peruse our website and see for yourself.  

As for Devotions and Worship, our ministry is designed for those who may not be able to- or do not wish to attend a physical worship service, but still want the experience of true worship. The ODCM family is comprised of people from all over the United States. This intimate group actively participates in our audio-only, virtual worship. Don't worry about dressing up. Just grab a cup of coffee, sit in the comfort of your favorite chair, and dial in!

Let's review. Open Door Church Ministries provides:

       •  an intimate, interactive setting,
       •  a non-denominational environment,
       •  a full, audio-only, virtual worship experience,       
       •  outreach ministries to meet your spiritual and emotional needs,     
       •  and Christ-centered preaching and teaching the true word of God.

If you are looking for a place to worship and work out your soul's salvation, our "church without walls" may be the perfect fit! Feel free to call us with any questions about our ministry at 443-501-3484. Visit us in virtual service on Sundays, ET.  

Devotions: 10:30am 
 Worship:   11:00am 

Sunday Service Dial-in:

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